General Things About Tech

The first computers were invented in 1943. They were massive and could only be used in large office environments. By the 1980's many computers began turning into PC's (personal computers).

Famous Early Computers

Some of the most successful computers of the 80's were the Apple Macintosh and the IBM PC. By the late 80's, people began experimenting with portable computers, otherwise known as laptops.

The Success of Laptops

At this time, many laptops had many internal issues. For example, the Macintosh portable was highly unpopular due to its high price and overheating.By the 90's, laptops like the powerbook were beginning to take the stage.

The Era of Smartphones

Motorola was the company to release the first "mobile" phone, but the first "smartphone" was made in 1994. Though, it was highly limited and could barely play a few simple games.

The Reimagination of Smartphones

Though blackberry and motorola continued to make successful smartphones, but in 2007 Apple changed everything, when they released the iPhone. The product was a runaway success and still is today.

The Start of Smartwatches

Watches were always considered a luxury, but were never really anything else. This was until Apple released the Apple Watch (not the iWatch) in 2014, which changed the way people view watches.